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“Optogenetics is the combination of genetics and optics to control well-defined events within specific cells of living tissue. It includes the discovery and insertion into cells of genes that confer light responsiveness; it also includes the associated technologies for delivering light deep into organisms as complex as freely moving mammals, for targeting light-sensitivity to cells of interest, and for assessing specific readouts, or effects, of this optical control.” Karl Deisseroth


Over the past few weeks I’ve shared new technologies being developed by Western scientists, engineers and programmers and the potential adverse impacts they may have if used wrongly or by psychopaths who want to play god. I wrote about terraforming the earth, altering the natural order, the negative impact of 5G radio waves and the arrogance of Westerners who think they can tamper with/usurp the natural order with no adverse consequences.

Technology is great and can be extremely beneficial to humanity and the world. But we must be crystal clear, the development and use of technology is a direct manifestation of the ethos (consciousness, values, worldview and culture) of the people that create it. For example the worldview of all indigenous people is that the earth is a living entity, it is our mother which at one time was universally worshipped as a Mother Goddess around the world. By Contrast the modern West (meaning the Eurasians who invaded Western Europe views the earth in strictly materialistic and exploitative terms. (visit to see a comparative summary of Indigenous vs. Western worldviews.)

Indigenous cultures view nature with awe, respect  and intuitively grasp the spiritual dynamism underpinning and sustaining everything that exists in an interconnected, interdependent universe. The West on the other hand feels it needs to battle nature, alter its essence, disrupt and hijack its DIVINE designs and purposes. As such, most Western technology is designed to express and actualize their exploitative, disruptive dominating mindset. So it is no surprise their newest technologies are geared towards melding humans with machines (transhumanism, artificial intelligence), altering the essence of nature (terraforming, GMO’s) invading, reengineering and manipulating human and animal genes/DNA (CRISPR-CAS9 and optogenetics).

Several weeks ago I wrote about CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing, this time we will share another invasive technology called optogenetics. What is optogenetics you ask? “Optogenetics is a technique used for the study of neural circuits in the brain. It is a branch of biotechnology that combines genetics and optical techniques to conceive and control a specific neural circuit in a living human brain.”

While the process is being trumpeted as a breakthrough that can alter neurons in the brain of animals and humans what they are not telling us is, the target neurons have to be genetically altered first! “Since the mid-2000s, scientists have been experimenting with and perfecting optogenetics, a light-based technique that could treat neurological disorders from Parkinson’s to depression. Since the experiments have been fairly invasive, most have been done on mice or rats. But that may soon change; the company Circuit Therapeutics, run by psychologist Karl Deisseroth, is likely to start clinical trials for optogenetics in humans, according to Scientific American.

Optogenetics treats disease by directing light at neurons to temporarily turn them on or off. But for that technique to work in mice, researchers have had to make two big modifications to their biology. First, researchers have to tweak mice’s genes (and would have to for human's genes as well) since neurons don’t naturally respond to light. Second, they need to direct light deep into the brain, which has traditionally been done with obtrusive implants that require major surgery to put in place. So even though optogenetics could help people with many different medical conditions, it’s understandable that they might be reluctant to receive such invasive procedures.” Light based brain treatments may soon be used on humans by Alexandra Ossola (my emphasis)

Western “scientists” believe to “save and heal” humans they must first alter our natural gene and DNA material, that is what they are telling us. What if they have a more nefarious agenda? What if these technologies are part of a eugenics and depopulation plan? What happens if they make an error and alter the neurons in a way that cause unforeseen/unanticipated or irreversible changes/consequences within the targeted host’s DNA and neurons?!

 Human testing and contracts are being let by the US Defense Advanced Research and Programming Agency (DARPA) as I write this; which is a bad sign.  FYI, DARPA develops super lethal, advanced hi tech weaponry for the US military. But also remember the CIA experimented with LSD on unsuspecting civilians; remember the infamous and criminal Tuskegee syphilis experiments on Alabama African-Americans and don’t forget US citizens were knowingly and deliberately exposed to radioactive materials. This is the same mindset of the people developing this new technology.

 Are these “scientists” continuing the nefarious work of the Nazis brought to the US under Operation Paperclip following WWII?  Given the history of the West with its’ 500 plus year biological warfare, bio-chemical weaponry and their racist criminogenic past against people of color, we need to be very diligent and vigilant regarding these new technologies.







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