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     “There exists no shortcut to true prophetic interpretation. The interpreter who wishes to enter into the study of God’s written revelation must diligently prepare himself for this sacred task.”

--Dr. Paul Lee Tan, Author
“The Interpretation of Prophecy”

     In seeking out reference books for Bible study, one must be wise in the selection of those Men who are gifted to write on the depths of the Word of God, and follow in their footsteps as to whom inspired them. Just as a champion in a particular sports genre owes a debt to those who came before him on the playing field or the court, modern preachers and pastors owe a debt to those who came before them…as led by the Holy Spirit.

     One of the ways in which one can ‘find out’ who the ‘real’ heroes are in the field of Bible prophecy are to read the books loyal to the KJV Bible and see which scholars turn up in the footnotes. In the case of Dr. Paul Lee Tan, his name has surfaced more than a few times among the ‘modern greats’ in the field. Thus, the latest printing of his work “The Interpretation of Prophecy” (1982, 2010, Paul Lee Tan Prophetic Ministries, 444 pages), is a welcome addition to the library of the serious preacher, pastor or Bible teacher in the field of Bible prophecy.

     “During Old Testament times, false prophets were characterized by their low morality and unethical conduct. This was repeatedly pointed out to the people by the true prophets of God…In contrast, true prophets of Israel, as a rule (Hosea is not an exception), were morally uncompromising and above reproach.”

--Dr. Paul Lee Tan, Author

     The book is organized into a host of chapters and sub-topics relating to the chapter subject. It is not meant to be consumed at one sitting, but over one’s course of time, and ability to flag/bookmark those areas which ‘switch’ your spiritual lights on. Chapters include: “History of Interpretation”, “Nature of Prophecy”, and “Symbols and Types in Prophecy.” Tan’s work is keyed to the KJV Bible. It will soon develop into a close ‘study friend’ for those serious about gospel work in the end times. “The Interpretation of Prophecy” may be found at your favorite electronic book seller, or, through This is a wonderful addition to one’s Bible study tool chest.

     Mike Ramey is a Minister, Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He brings current and lesser-known titles to light to re-kindle a love for reading and thinking in a sea of modern technology. Feel free to reach him via email at © 2017, 2019 Barnstorm Communications.

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