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No Apology from Abbeville, Alabama - Recy Taylor:  Part II by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”)

 Group Work Study:

            I am currently in the nation’s capital in defiance of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s illegal travel ban imposed on me for not only having the legal skills to defeat New York in a civil action, a “bait and switch,” from defamation to seditious libel, in which “truth was not a defense to defamation,” but also for having the courage to challenge white supremacy in a red state.


          My mission is to lay the groundwork for a Women’s Constitutional Convention.  I have been working on this issue since elementary school in Haralson, GA.  Based on this continued study, I was able to predict, in the Amsterdam News, that Sen. Barack Obama would defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Nonetheless, she could defeat any Black woman.


          I went to a newsstand looking for the New York  Daily News in the nation’s capital. After I had arrived at my destination, the Daily News was not in my package. It was on the newsstand.  The vendor failed to put it in my bag. The Creator directed me to go back to the newsstand to retrieve it.


          When I opened up the newspaper, I was surprised to learn of Ms. Recy Taylor’s death.  I learned of her story and the role Ms. Rosa Parks played in it as a human rights investigator, while defending the Brawley family. Alabama had no Black lawyer in 1944.  The first Black lawyer in Alabama graduated from Howard University Law School.   He had come off the “Moore Plantation.”


          The Creator was telling me to go to Abbeville, AL.  Unfortunately, Gov. Cuomo had illegally imposed a travel ban on me and had illegally banned me from earning a living on May 21, 1990 for unfair competition.  By law, I am civilly dead.  Blacks, in New York, believe that Gov. Cuomo is the “second coming of the Lord.”  They bow to his evilness.


          I can only hope that Blacks, in New York, have enough integrity to host a memorial service, on this Wednesday evening, at 1061 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  In addition, some attorney should be able to draft a legal memorandum on a holdover summary proceeding and an illegal eviction. This information should be of common knowledge to any literate tenant.  UAM is still a tenant.


          While the Alabama Legislature has apologized to Ms. Taylor, the city of Abbeville has refused to follow suit despite the efforts of human rights activist, Rosa Parks.  It is especially sad that UAM and Black women, in New York, are dancing on Rosa Parks’ grave.  There is an ongoing campaign to force the city of Abbeville to do the right thing.  To these sweeping allegations, only “a hit dog will holler.”


          After the racially-motivated murder of Michael Griffith, the Griffith family insisted that I was the only attorney who could get justice instead of “hush money.” The Griffith family was unaware that justice, for a Black man, is a “test case.”  It requires a business organization.  A class action was necessary.  This was pre-UAM.


          The Brawley family sought me out because of the favorable result in Howard Beach.  I still had no business organization.  This incident also preceded UAM.  I told Sonny Carson that I would have to have investors to defend the Brawley family. Sonny Carson said those investors should show up on December 12, 1987.  Min. Louis Farrakhan bowed out after bowing in.  The special election, in Alabama, for Judge Roy Moore was held on December 12, 2017.


          Between today and Wednesday evening, UAM must show some humanity for human beings.  UAM’s humanity went up in smoke after the death of Leola W. Maddox.  The Taylor family should receive an expression of condolence, a wreath and a commitment of support from UAM.


Keep the Pressure On!


President Donald J. Trump - (202) 456-1414

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand – (202) 224-4451

Congressional Black Caucus – (202) 225-2410

Gov. Andrew Cuomo - (518) 474-8390

NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman - (212) 416-8000

Mayor William de Blasio - (212) 788-2958

NY City Council

              212- 828-9800

              212-788-7100 (Man.)

              718--803-6373 (Qns.)

              718-953-3097 (Bkly.)


IMPORTANT NOTICE (Time is of the Essence!)

Visit:  UNIVERSITYOFALTONMADDOX.COM for my political and legal writings.

          Your contributions to assist in defraying the costs of a free and educational press, and to continue the struggle will be welcomed.  Please send check or money order made payable to “Alton H. Maddox, Jr.” and mail, only, to the address listed below.


                    Friends of Alton Maddox

                    P.O. Box 35

                    Bronx, NY 10471


Thank You.


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