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“Neuromarketing is a relatively new discipline which makes use of functional MRIs (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) as well as physiological markers, such as heart rate and galvanic skin response to determine what makes consumers decide. This type of marketing has been employed by companies such as Nestle, General Motors and Coca-Cola. By using fMRI and EEGs, marketers have been able to see exactly which areas of the brain light up in response to certain advertisements. By fine-tuning these advertisements to trigger the release of feel-good neurochemicals such as dopamine, they are able to better accomplish their end-game of more sales and higher profits.” Mind Control Through Neuromarketing: Where Neuroscience and Mass Consumerism Meet by M.J Higby


As a society we are constantly being studied, probed, programmed, manipulated, harvested and conditioned in ways we are unaware of for the enrichment and benefit of others rather than ourselves. Corporations and the government using sophisticated  technology and techniques are constantly studying us and manipulating us to trick, seduce and program us to buy their products (most we don’t need), believe their fake and false reality and be, meaning conform to their models and ways of living.

Of course most of this is unbeknownst to us because it is done on an unconscious level. Neuromarketing is a term for the way corporations, advertisers and psychologists devise and design marketing campaigns to get us to buy their products by manipulating our natural drives, appetites, fears and feelings of self-worth to get us to become emotionally invested in their ads, buy their products and mindlessly spend our money all too often on things we don’t really need. Neuomarketers meaning media, advertising and PR executives, social media engineers, government officials and consultants make use of psychology, brain mapping and physiology to get us to react much like Pavlov’s dogs to the stimuli they continuously bombard us with to influence our purchasing and behavioral habits. One definition of Neuromaketing is the neuroscientific field of making you feel good about buying stuff you don’t need.

Hundreds of books have been written on the unconscious effects of subliminal messages, psychologically designed advertising and clandestine sales campaigns that trigger and influence us to do things we would not do without these mind manipulation tactics. Vance Packard’s books The Hidden Persuaders and The Status Seekers are classics that set the standard for revealing industry secrets of psychological manipulation.

            The psychologists, programmers and advertisers have become much more aggressive, devious and immoral since Packard wrote his books in the 1950’s through the 1980’s. Today they use invasive technologies and an all pervasive media to program, seduce, desensitize and trick us into buying their products. No longer are focus groups and interviews the primary means of determining the content and acceptability of advertising on consumer targets. In today’s marketing research, personal brain mapping and electronic evaluations are used to study people’s reactions to ads. “The goals of neuromarketing studies are to obtain objective information about the inner workings of the brains of consumers without resorting to the subjective reports that have long been the mainstay of marketing studies. Thus, neuromarketing purports to provide qualitatively different information, ostensibly superior to that obtained by traditional means, about the economically valuable topic of consumer preferences…Although the electroencephalography (EEG) has been in use for the study of marketing preferences for over 35 years (Krugman, 1971), there is little doubt that we have entered a new age of neuromarketing in which advanced technology is being used in unprecedented ways to probe consumer preferences. A raft of peer-reviewed papers and books have appeared in recent years in which positron emission tomography (PET), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and quantitative EEG analyses have been used to assess consumer behavior (Smith et al., 2002; Dickhaut et al., 2003; McClure et al., 2004; Mast and Zaltman, 2005; Ahlert et al., 2006; Knutson et al., 2007; Koenigs and Tranel, 2008; Plassmann et al., 2007; Renvoise´ and Morin, 2007; Schaefer and Rotte, 2007a, b). It has already been anticipated that other neuroimaging technologies such as magnetoencephalography and cortical manipulation with transcranial magnetic stimulation, as well as combinations of modalities will be adopted by ‘market researchers who wish to deploy a specialized neuromarketing profile’” Neuroethics of Neuromarketing - Emily Murphy University of California, Hastings College of the Law UC Hastings Scholarship Repository

            When you see the word ethics associated with anything in this culture you know things do not bode well for us, since on the whole this is an unethical society where anything goes as long as the bottom line is enhanced! Neuromarketing technologies and techniques are not regulated by: the government, consumer advocacy nor ombudsman groups!  They are being used to plot and plan ways to get us to unconsciously buy products and behave in ways we might not ordinarily do absent these studying and marketing processes!

            Most people are totally unaware of these analytical and marketing techniques and rightly so because the corporations, advertisers and media don’t want us know what they are doing to us. The recent revelations about Facebook and Google data mining and selling our personal information to third parties is just one example of how this information is being misused and abused. Neuromarketing techniques trigger physiological responses that borders on manipulation. We need to know more about this and other mind influencing programs employed by corporations, advertisers and the government.



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