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Nat Turner Day NYC 2011

Just 2 weeks away... Nat Turner Day 2011 will be a day/event You don't want to miss. Come join us (Buy Tickets Here) in Celebrating our shinning Black ancestor who stood strong against the wicked whites who held our people in bondage in what's known as Chattle Slavery.  

Nat Turner was Not a crazy Black man who killed whites, he was a Leader, a righteous Afrikan, a Reverend, a man who was looked at in his day as a prophet. He taught himself how to read at a very young age, Brother Nat was said to know the contents and details of books he never opened, known to regularly predict the future. Nana (esteemed ancestor) Nat Turner didn't drink or smoke and didn't party on the weekends on his dayz off from plantation work, Nat was studying, planning and organizing our Liberation and this is just some of the reasons we honor our mighty warrior. 


Join Us, If you scared or just can't come, PLEASE Donate a dollar or more, we could use your support.


 More Info: Nat Turner Day Info


To Donate To Our Nat Turner Day Event on August 20th Click Here Now

To Purchase Tickets Now ===> CLICK HERE
Meda ase (Thank You)
Bro Gary Black Power Productions  917-362-7170

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