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Living 2019 On Purpose

Junious Ricardo Stanton


As we enter the New Year, let’s focus on ways to empower ourselves, enhance our health on a personal, community and global level. As a people we need to be more conscious of our inner and outer worlds and work towards being our truest and greatest selves in order to turn this world around and make it a better place to live. The New Year is a great opportunity to forge new life paths, life goals and work to improve ourselves, our environment and the world.

We are all extensions of the DIVINE, we are sparks from the GREAT I AM and as such we should live our lives in full cognizance of this reality. As extensions of the DIVINE we have the same essence and power as the CREATOR only in lesser amount. We have the power of imagination, the ability to create in our mind’s eye images and scenarios we want to make real and manifest in our lives. As such we have an obligation to think good thoughts, envision positive outcomes, and generate positive energy and emotions that influence our immediate surroundings and the people we interact with.

The Life Force gives us the energy and ability to move, do and accomplish what we will. Deeply embedded within our personal Life Force/Energy is our destiny the reason we incarnated to this plane.  In 2019 let’s make it our purpose to live on purpose in accordance with DIVINE LAW which is in our best interest to do.

Our African ancestors understood the universe was not random, that it was the result of DIVINE DESIGN, INTELLIGENCE and INTENTION and everything in the universe is in DIVINE ORDER (Ma’at) with a DIVINE PURPOSE.  We are because the UNIVERSE exists, the UNIVERSE exists because we are part of it (Ubuntu). Traditional African philosophy posited that we all have a purpose and mission when we incarnate on this plane and that our mission is an inextricable part of our true self. “The DESTINY or SPIRTITUAL DOUBLE variously known as Ka (ancient Egypt), Chi (Igbo of Nigeria) Ori (Yoruba of Nigeria) Kra (Asante of Ghana), Kla (Ga of Ghana), Ehi (Bini of Nigeria) Se (Fon of Benin) Ido (Kuba of Zaire) etc. … This self is central in that it is often associated with the other selves that make up the person and also in that it appears to orientate the whole person towards the fulfillment of his destiny or life purpose. It takes part in choosing the individual’s destiny in the invisible realm before the individual is born… Thus this is the aspect of the self around which other aspects orientate themselves, since the person’s destiny and purpose represents the direction in which  aspects of the person’s being must develop or evolve.” Person Divinity and Nature A Modern View of the Person and the Cosmos In African Thought Chukwunyere Kamalu page 53.

We are here for a reason, many reasons actually. We are here to give experience to the CREATOR which is a noncorporal SPIRIT, we are here to accomplish a life mission and destiny to make a positive impact on our society and surroundings. One of the reasons we are so out of sorts, agitated and frustrated is because we have not made contact with our life purpose. Living in a barbaric aspiritual society, with a materialistic and immoral focus does not help. So it is our duty and responsibility to, as our ancestors said, “Know Thyself”.

 In  traditional African society rituals and ceremonies helped the community discern the life purpose of the new baby and it was the community’s responsibility to support the child in this mission, reinforce and encourage the child to be who they came here to be. For the most part these mechanisms are not utilized for the masses in the West. The closest they come is using occult means like Astrology, Numerology Palmistry etc to glean one’s life purpose and aptitudes.

If we are to take our rightful place in the UNIVERSE as sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH, we must be cognizant of who we are and why we are here! There are many ways to accomplish this, meditation, divination using a traditional African divination process/system or obtaining a full Astrological chart interpretation. Meditation is the easiest and simplest way.

So in 2019 practice quieting your mind, engage in serious introspection to discern the VOICE of SPIRIT, your Highest Self within you. Learn to distinguish it from the meandering mind chatter we all have and the external voices of the world. Learn to trust it, remember intuition is never wrong no matter how unusual the message, it is your DIVINE SELF communicating with you for your best interests. Listen to it and follow its guidance.

In 2019 give yourself and the world the gift of your truest self, manifest your life mission and destiny. The journey may not be easy, but it will be exciting and well worth it!



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