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Caucasians Win Hollow Victory
Black People Already Vacating Urban Areas of America
By H. Khalif Khalifah

JANUARY 5, 2010
SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA – The white reclaiming of the cities of the United States of America reached a milestone recently. The N.Y. Times recently front paged a headline that “Harlem Loses It Black Majority.”
This is in fact a hollow victory. Black people who can leave NYC on their own terms have already gone. The ones who remain are not very easy to define; but they range from some of the most affluent Black people in history to remnants of some of the most militant in history. The ones in between are harbingers of bad news for the “new majority.”
The “most affluent” ones are the so-called “upper crust,” the ones whose dominance of the body politic, of Harlem, over the past 50 years or so, effectively vouchsafed the legendary Village of Harlem for white people. Instead of developing prime locations and structures for the Black residents of Harlem, they were forever looking for the day when Harlem would be ‘safe’ enough to bring in white investors. When that day came in the 1990’s they gleefully sold out to white people.
The other segment of the population that remains in Harlem are Black people who are struggling to get it together, and when they do, they too will collect their possessions and migrate back south, or go elsewhere.
The third tier that remains are the ones that I am absolutely sure white people do not want to deal with anyplace on planet earth: These are the die hard Harlemites who will fight for their homeland to the last breath; many of these are living on the fringes, or are looking for some way or other to gather enough unity to make their moves, against white people, at some future opportune time.
The latter is akin to the way that liberation movements have traditionally been borne every place white people devastated and stole when they emerged out of the caves and hillsides of Europe.
They come in and a buy property for a pittance, beg, and steal what they can. Then the missionaries come in with the “bible in one hand and the gun in the other,” brutalizing the people to the extent that whites wind up controlling every thing of value in the “village.”
It was not different in Harlem. White people got Harlem, but, fortunately, in the Year of Black Empowerment the collective good sense of Black people are already setting up in places that portend for a better Quality of life in less stressful environs.
We don’t want to get too far ahead of our story, but there is a movement on the Internet that started as a social network. It is called “Living in Black.” The visionary of LIB is one of the most talented Africans of our generation. His name is Keidi Awadu. He recently told us that LIB, over the past several years, has established financially supportive relationships with three repatriation projects in Ghana and Benin, West Africa. He now intends to concentrate within America by establishing 19 leadership councils to establish the first two Kujichalia Villages here in the United States of America – our ultimate intention is to “save our people from devastation in the urban killing zones in America.”
For those, like myself, who staked out areas away from the Urban areas long ago, this is news that we can surely use. I am based out of Southampton County and Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the past 25 years we have seen our people trickle from the North into the areas were we are: the move by LIB will, no doubt mushroom, what has been called a “return migration.”
So as we watch the influx of white people into white Northern cities, we welcome the returning migrants to the places where the air is clean, the earth is fertile, water is good and more than a few of their “urbanized” folk are already here to welcome them.
Anyone wanting more information regarding the above-mentioned strategic initiatives can go to, can sample the audio archives at, or call us at 434-378-2140.

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Thanks. have you done anything to empower the State you mentioned. Good ideal,but requires work, work, work. But maybe we can help
I like the idea of this.I am in the Uk and we have no black farmers under 30.We have 3 black farmers that i know of!!!Maybe you can lend some expertise to start this here.Would be interested in having a chat sometime.+44 7940 081651
You sound great to me. I talked to Brother Keidi today. he told me that you are in to seeds. And acknowledged your value to Black Empowerment. Brother Kamau (Lawrence Frye) established four food boxes for me in the corner of the some 12 acres field in my front lawn. I will tell him about you actually sell Organic Heirloom Seeds? No doubt we'll be back in touch with you...........thanks for falling in the tradition of Black youth who have ALWAYS spearheaded the spurts of our growth: Yours is the most courageous and qualified generation we have ever had anyplace in the world......I am a publisher by trade (Master Printer as per Marcus Garvey)............Khalifah
Send me a price list for the vegetables & fruits (water melon) that you have.........Khalifha
give thanks for this post Bredren got to pass it on!
Thank you. There will be more on this subject: we can write (talking about me, you and others who will) to create a climate where Black people will see the feasibility, and wisdom to do what we did during the migration to the North. As we moved in, Whites moved out. By the time they realized their racism/fear had caused them to abandon the places where their wealth is concentrated (Urban areas), Black people were there in full force - eleciting black mayors and such. All we need do is accelerate a trend that began long ago, reverse the migration to the North/Urban and return south...................Khalifah
Peace and thank you for this great article and information.

Kamal Imani
Thank you Brother Kamal.............Khalifah
It's funny; I said to myself, the day when someone white comits a crime in Harlem, it's time for Black people to get out.
Yes Sir!
I don't believe they (white people) understand how to act other than criminal. In the 1970's we staked out and did everything their laws said was required to upgrade and live in properties abandoned by the owners. Not in any instance were able to get them to follow the law. I Name but two as examples: The former Dryer Warehouse at 123 and St. Nicholas Ave. (Our Families Protection Association) paid $47,000 cash for the 9-story structure), meeting all requirements on the book: non-profit, tax exempt on all 3 governments 1) the buildings at the corner of 131st Street and 5th Ave. The Leader of the Afrikan Nationalist Construction Movement, was an Army Vet., i am an Air Force Vet, and he gathered other and actually took apartments in the property - holding meeting in others, to no avail, never could get the city to follow through by the law, or to get banks to loan development money........................but we see what happened in the 1990's - I started investing in the south long ago. And this is where we can get the "jump" on them values are still relatively cheap................Khalifah


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