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“The provenance of Cymatics can be traced back at least 1000 years to African tribes who used the taut skin of drums sprinkled with small grains to divine future events. The drum is one of oldest known musical instruments and the effects of sand on a vibrating drumhead have probably been known for millennia.”


            Last week I wrote about ways to reconnect, restore harmony and equilibrium using the earth’s natural frequencies to undo the harm and poison of the accelerating electrosmog, radio wave poisoning, and artificial electromagnetic frequencies all around us. I shared information about Schumann’s Resonance the earth’s natural 7.83 Hz frequency and explained how being in tune and resonating with this frequency enhances health and wellbeing. This week I want to share news about a “new” field of study called Cymatics.

            What is Cymatics you ask and why do I keep bringing up these issues no one else is talking about? Cymatics is, “the science of sound made visible It is based on the principle that when sound encounters a membrane such as your skin or the surface of water, it imprints an invisible pattern of energy. In other words, the periodic vibrations in the sound sample are converted and become periodic water ripples, creating beautiful geometric patterns that reveal the once hidden realm of sound. If we could see the sounds around us with our eyes we would see myriads of holographic bubbles, each with a kaleidoscopic-like pattern its surface.”

Simply put, cymatics is the study of wave vibration. On a much deeper level it is the recognition of the impact of audio frequencies on matter. I’m sharing this information with you because no one else is going to. Information on the negative impact of 5G wifi technology, DNA editing, electrosmog and Neuroptics is crucial because this information is being suppressed, you are not getting the whole picture because the fascist mind control apparatus is giving you a rose colored spin and disinformation.

As I said last week the solutions to environmental frequency disruption and poisoning are inexpensive and plentiful. The powers that be don’t want you to know how to easily circumvent their nefarious schemes to dumb us down, throw us off kilter, poison us and alter our DNA.

            Eons ago our African ancestors recognized the power of the invisible realm, the unseen light spectrum, pure energy, sound vibrations and spiritual phenomena all around us. They admonished us to live in harmony with all of them. Now Johnnie Come lately “modern science” is discovering what aboriginal/indigenous people discovered and practiced centuries ago, the power of vibrations to heal and invigorate us but the ruling class is using this against us!

Within Cymatics there is the growing awareness of Solfeggio Frequencies. Like most things, the West tries to take credit for discovering and naming Solfeggion Frequencies but the fact is, aboriginal and indigenous people have been aware of them for thousands of years.  The principle of universal vibration is the third law of the Nile Valley based esoteric principles called Hermeticism. This principle says, “Motion is manifest in everything in the Universe--that nothing is at rest--that everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This Hermetic Principle was recognized by some of the early Greek philosophers who embodied it in their systems. But, then, for centuries it was lost sight of by the thinkers outside of the Hermetic ranks. But in the Nineteenth Century physical science re-discovered the truth and the Twentieth Century scientific discoveries have added additional proof of the correctness and truth of this centuries-old Hermetic doctrine. The Hermetic Teachings are that not only is everything in constant movement and vibration, but that the ‘differences’ between the various manifestations of the universal power are due entirely to the varying rate and mode of vibrations. Not only this, but that even THE ALL, in itself, manifests a constant vibration of such an infinite degree of intensity and rapid motion that it may be practically considered as at rest, the teachers directing the attention of the students to the fact that even on the physical plane a rapidly moving object (such as a revolving wheel) seems to be at rest. The Teachings are to the effect that Spirit is at one end of the Pole of Vibration, the other Pole being certain extremely gross forms of Matter. Between these two poles are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibration.”

 This deep African thought enabled practitioners to use energy/vibrations to alter matter, to change the energy in their surroundings, gain crucial insight about the present and future, to heal and transform people and communities. This is the core truth behind music as a calming, healing and transcendent force: and the real reasons for chanting and meditating using the word/sound OM which just so happens to vibrate at the frequency of 432 Hz, the universal frequency found within everything in nature!  This is no coincidence! 

There are seven primary frequencies within the Solfeggio Frequencies. Each one has a specific power to heal, restore or enhance a specific condition. Aboriginal people have been using sound (and energy transfer such as laying on of hands) to heal for thousands of years.  Sofeggio Frequencies also correspond to the seven Chakras within the human body. Go to to discover more about these powerful tools and how to gain access to them before it’s too late.

I say before it’s too late because the enemies of the world are using sound vibrations/frequencies as weapons against us. In the 1940’s the ruling elites changed the global industrial tuning frequency from the natural 432 Hz to an unnatural 440 Hz. Today all music and sound recording are on this level. Since then they have developed and introduced weapons using sound frequencies against us.,

I am not sharing this information to frighten you; but to make you aware just how evil and sadistic the ruling class is and warn you of their wicked plans against us. Do not take this lightly!





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