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“The only way to fully protect against artificial electromagnetic radiation is by reconnecting to the natural frequency of 7.83 Hz Earth. Studies have shown that health of human beings is tied to the existence of this frequency. The first astronauts who have flown in space have suffered serious health problems due to the lack of Schumann resonance. Discovering this correlation, scientists at NASA have decided to introduce the 7.83 Hz Schumann generators in all spacecrafts to create a natural and healthy electromagnetic environment. Since then, astronauts have not suffered any more health problems.”


Over the past few weeks I’ve shared the deleterious effects of modern technology, how man made electromagnetic frequencies have clearly observable effects on human beings, how mad scientists’ Optogenic, DNA gene editing/altering technologies have the potential for massive unintended consequences or worse, premeditated evil eugenics, depopulation and human alteration programs.

 Last week I shared a little known aspect of modern digital technology called electrosmog. What is electrosmog?  Electrosmog is: “the invisible electromagnetic radiation resulting from the use of both wireless technology and mains electricity. The most common sources of wireless electrosmog are: cordless phones, cordless baby alarms, mobile/cellular phone masts/towers/transmitters, mobile/cellular phones wireless networks.”

Electrosmog like airborne pollution and contaminants is dangerous to our health. “Electrosmog is responsible for a condition known as electrosensitivity (ES) or electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Symptoms include: headaches, disruptive sleep patterns,

chronic fatigue, depression, hypersensitivity and erratic blood pressure, skin complaints and behavioral patterns in children. Children, the elderly and anyone with a lowered immune system are most at risk from the health effects. The health effects from electrosmog can take 10 – 20 years to manifest themselves, however for some, the effect can appear immediately. Research shows that between 3% and 5% of the general population could be ES sufferers. In Sweden, for example, 285, 000 people (over 3% of the population) are registered as ES and claim disability benefit from the government.”

            Keep in mind the culprit is artificial electromagnetic frequencies. Fortunately the cure and solution is simple, natural and for the most part free! Our African ancestors and all indigenous/aboriginal people understood the earth was a living entity. They called it our mother and at one time it was worshipped and held in awe and the highest respect.

            The coming of the Caucasians changed all that. Their aspiritual materialistic worldview and innate need to dominate, control and exploit nature and humanity regardless of the consequences is placing the world in a precarious position/predicament.

            To solve this issue of the proliferation of electromagnetic/radio wave radiation we have to return to the source, return to nature. Europeans view the earth from a purely materialistic perspective and were surprised to discover oscillation waves caused resonance, which are vibrations at the same frequency as the original object such as a musical instrument, tuning fork or pendulum. In 1951 a German scientist named Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that the earth vibrated (resonated) at a set frequency 7.83 Hz electrical power. He claimed this resonance was the result of millions of lightening strikes all around the world every second that caused the resonance between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

While Western scientists accept this theory, they don’t embrace the notion the earth is a living entity with its own vibratory energy that coupled with the energy in the air, sustains all life on earth. Experiments have shown the importance of this 7.83 Hz frequency on human health and wellbeing. “The Schumann Resonance vibrates at a pulse of 7.83 Hz and it is said to be the heartbeat of mother earth. When a person’s brain waves resonate with 7.83 Hz, it has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Laboratory research has also shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of increasing their immune protection.” What is the Shumann Resonance and Why Is It Vital to Your Health?

This is what our African ancestors meant when they admonished us to live in harmony (resonance) with all nature. To them the universe’s energy, vibrations and frequencies were part of the Ashe, Jok, Nommo, the vital energy or Godforce that permeates all creation that vibrates a differing frequencies from the most dense (matter) to the most ethereal (Spirit). This energy is conscious and purposeful part of the CREATIVE force at work in the UNIVERSE. To protect ourselves from man made electrosmog and radio wave radiation, just return to SPIRIT. Touch mother earth on a regular basis; walk barefoot on the beach, in your backyard or in the woods. Raise your personal (mental, psychic and emotional) vibratory levels through meditation, humming (chanting), and meditation: calming your mind and monitoring and controlling your thoughts which will allow you to control your emotions, words and deeds.

Indigenous people use rituals and ceremonies to connect with nature to raise the vibratory levels of the participants. You can also use crystals; many claim crystals(like quartz and  amethyst) are conduits for positive energy that ward off negative energies and vibrations.  Of course we need to get plenty of restful sleep in a gadget free bedroom, eat wholesome foods especially green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits that boost your alkaline PH and drink good water.

Weaning yourself from your electronic gadgets and gizmos is a must! I know this is hard in this day and age but you have to do it to protect yourself from electrosmog, radio wave radiation and other forms of digital poisoning. Don’t depend on pills and prescriptions, we each have the power to heal and protect ourselves and nature is on our side so use it!



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