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Festival in Tsum Valley

Several festival celebrate across the year in different monastery and villages of the Buddhist valley, the culture influence of Tibetan. So all the festival celebrate as scheduled in Tibetan lunar calendar, the very first festival of the year is Losar which also known as new year in local dialect. It is meaningful festival for the Tsumba where they share enjoy and happiness with each other as well dance and sing with drinking rice beer. Then Nora also important festival throughout the lower and upper tsum valley. Nora mainly celebrate at the gompa with elaborate mask dance. Saga Dawa festival which celebrate on full moon of May/June which also birthday of the Gautama Buddhaa as well the day Budha got enlightenment. Next festival celebrate on august which called Faning. It mean a harvesting and the eating nutritious foods before snowfall in the vivid valley. Dhachyang, Horse racing festival which celebrate on November or December in different villages. This a day festival where horse will be elaborated decoration and the man ride the horse with singing an authentic songs till midnight.

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