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                     Don’t Fall For the Okey-Doke

                          Junious Ricardo Stanton


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is a false.” William Casey former CIA Director


Everyday we are bombarded with fake news, commercials designed to titillate and stimulate us to buy stuff we may not even need, we are shown a world of illusion and told lies by the government and corporate lackeys. I call it the process of the Three B’s their goal is to influence us to believe what they say, buy what they tell us to buy and be who they put before us to imitate and emulate. The bottom line is total mind control. Mind control is their goal and they have perfected programs and technology to ensure their disinformation and “reality” is embedded in our consciousness. The key to mind control is for the subject or target not to know he or she is being manipulated, they programmers want the target to think the ideas images and thoughts they think are self generated, not cunningly placed in their consciousness by outside entities.

We know the news is biased but the corporate news reflects the interests’, biases and agenda of its owners not the people. The talking heads merely read what is put in font of them, the camera operators do what their directors tell them, they get the shots and images to augment whatever slant they want to give whatever they are reporting. Six corporations own almost all of the media we consume. Entities like Google, Facebook and Twitter are monopolies that got their start and support from government front investors like the CIA.

“Over the past 15-odd years, Google has co-existed with the NSA, the CIA, and a host of intelligence agencies in a number of friendly and antagonistic ways. The crucial thing to remember is that both Google and intelligence agencies deal in the same currency: information. Google Maps is the sort of spy tool that all sides involved in World War II would have killed for, and the information queries of a single Google search exceed everything the CIA or NSA had at their disposal during the Cold War. Although Google’s continued goodwill from the market demands a friendly public face, the fact remains that all of the company’s efforts–from Google Now to the alleged purchase of Waze–are driven by a desire to turn information into profit…In 2010, In-q-tel, the CIA’s investment capital arm (named for “Q” in the James Bond movies), invested alongside Google in Massachusetts-based Recorded Future. The small startup creates software that scours the publicly available web–including Twitter feeds, personal web pages, and mass media–and mines data that can then be searched for patterns which predict upcoming events in real life. It’s not too hard to see why both Google and the CIA would both have interests in a technology like that.”

According to a former CIA research scientist the agency is in cahoots with Google Facebook and other social media giants not only for surveillance, data mining and consumption influence but also to create a groupthink or herd mentality. “The system is designed to gather information on the ‘collective thinking,’ like the Borg, of the American public, and then design tomorrow’s news and media, literally overnight, to cattle herd you into a nice neat profile of behavior and commerce.

Again, take the acid test. Look at what you have access to, AdWords, and then watch tomorrow’s headlines magically appear. At first you might think, well that’s what people are interested in so that’s what’s in the news. Then, as you look at the flow of headlines regarding international campaigns, what the President said yesterday, what the senators and congressmen are doing or being accused of, it starts to get a bit freaky.”

            This is just the latest in the ruling class’ attempts a mind control, behavior manipulation and social engineering.  The CIA has a sordid record of nefarious campaigns like MK-ULTRA and Operation Monarch, and on children and unsuspecting adults.

            The best way to thwart this type of hubris and mind control is to be vigilant, think for yourself, use introspection meditation and critical thinking to question everything and make up your own mind about things.







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