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Greetings All.

As the SRDC/PADU Coalition New York Facilitator, I want to give the utmost thanks to Ambassador Dr. Amina Salum Ali and the African Union Diaspora Task Team for advocating the continuation of the grass roots methodology that SRDC (6th Region Diaspora Caucus) has been using for the past 5 years throughout the African Diaspora around the world.

SRDC and the PADU Coalition of Organization agree that the Town Hall method is one of the best methods to ensure transparency, sincerity and integrity in the process of having the African Diaspora join the African Union as a newly formed Sixth Region of the African Union.

Ambassador Ali's official invitation to the African Diaspora for the African Union Diaspora Task Team Town Hall at City College on Saturday December 18, 2010 is an important event. (see flyer below) The African Union Diaspora Union Diaspora Task Team that is hosting this event, was elected not by the African Union but by the attendees (myself included) that attended the African Union Meeting  on 10/21-10-22/2010 labeled "Building Bridges Across the Atlantic".  I'm sure the African Union Diaspora Task Team and their constituency that elected them to represent them on the Task Team will be happy to finally interact and reunite since October.

Check this link to get some attendees accounts of the actual meeting that gave birth to this event.


SRDC being a bridge between the African Union and the African Descendant community, SRDC is more than willing to share their expertise in communicating African Union intentions to the African Diaspora by conducting Town Halls in places such as The Hague-Netherlands, Berlin-Germany, Johannesburg-South Africa, and Brazil-Rio De Janeiro. SRDC has also conducted Town Halls across the United States of America to diligently include as African Descendants in this country.

We've had Town Halls in Washington, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, New York (January 2010), Maryland and California with Town Halls scheduled in 2011 Mississippi, Michigan, Florida and Alaska.

Yes the African Descendants/Black People in Alaska need to be included as part of the African Diaspora as well.

For those wanting to learn more about the Town Hall process, the importance of African Union ECOSOCC and how the African Union is connecting to the African Diaspora in a very official and substantial way please review the links below. This should help to have all those attending to be well informed at the African Union Diaspora Task Team Town Hall Meeting. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Peace and Power


Yao Khepra Wilson

6th Region Diaspora Caucus(SRDC)/PADU New York Co-Facilitator
Proud and Humble Servant






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This is a wonderful idea and movement!

this is wonderful news,especially for me up here in ottawa canada where it seems like there is nothing going on so as to attract the attention of the common people,,,i will make sure to fallow up on this subject and as well as do my best to participate..freedom justice equality truth forever.


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