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     Bizarro World


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” - William Casey former Director of CIA


We live in a virtual Bizzaro World like in the old Superman comics where Superman’s antagonist Bizarro, a Frankenstein like version of Superman, was banished to Bizarro World a place where everything was the exact opposite of our reality, up was down, first was last, good was bad, wrong was right, white was black, logical was illogical, giving was taking, insanity was sane, liberty was tyranny etc. In our version of Bizzaro World deceit is truth, exploitation is generosity, oppression is freedom, genocide is life, war is peace and evil was righteousness.

Examples of just how steeped in Bizzaro World we are were put on vivid display this past week, when CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill for speaking truth at the United Nations of all places and the ruling class and media adulation following the death of past President George H.W. Bush.

Marc Lamont Hill a university professor, activist, author, scholar and entrepreneur was demonized and vilified by miscreants who sicced the media hellhounds on Hill calling for him to be terminated by Temple University in addition to his firing by CNN.

  In an article originally published in MintPress News the writer, Whitney Webb, identifies the organizations behind the character assassination, vilification and media lynching of Marc Lamont Hill. The groups cited in the article are attempting to silence Hill for speaking truth to power exposing the harsh conditions, the vicious genocidal policies the Israelis employ against the Palestinians and for daring to call for justice and mercy on their behalf.

Hill has apologized for any misinterpretation and misunderstanding his words may have caused but that is not enough, the Zionists want his head on a platter. They have assailed Hill as an anti-Semite, maliciously employing Bizzaro World illogic to twist Hill’s call for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea”, to claim Hill called for the destruction of Israel.

First of all their canard about Hill being an anti-Semite is absurd since most people who call themselves Jews are not Semites at all. Modern DNA analysis has proven most Ashkenazim Jews have no genetic link or connection to the Biblical Hebrews! Secondly, Hill was referring to the traditional boundaries and borders of Palestine not insinuating Israel should be obliterated! But in Bizzaro World, deceit is truth and geo-political deception is fact. Hill is what the oppressors and warmongers most fear, a brilliant conscious Black man courageous enough to stand up for truth, righteousness and peace.

The second blatant example of Bizarro World mendacity is the canonization of the war criminal, mass murderer, fraudster and paragon of evil George Herbert Walker Bush as a hero, “humanitarian” and “statesman” by the ruling class and their media.

 The corporate media reflects the interests, worldview, politics and policies of its owners and the corporate media is owned by the same class of psychopaths the Bush family is part of. In a show of bi-partisan mendacity and Bizzaro World illogic, George H.W. Bu$h was extolled as a great humanitarian, statesman, father, grandfather and all around good guy. Nowhere was it mentioned he was the scion of an upper crust family with deep roots in what is now called the “Deep State”.

 Bu$h’s grandfather Samuel Prescott Bu$h was connected with the Rockefeller’s and became a railroad and steel executive. He also helped the Remington Arms Company that the Pryor and Rockefeller families held a large interest in, to gain a huge percentage of the contracts for the US Army during WWI, after he was recommended by Wall Street financier Clarence Dillon for appointment to the War Industries Board. In turn Samuel Bu$h made a fortune from those business connections. 

Samuel’s son Prescott, was a former US Senator from Connecticut and an investment banker whose ambition of becoming president were dashed when it was discovered he was the banker for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and his assets were seized under the Trading With the Enemy Act. Prescott Bu$h was also linked to the failed coup against President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Prescott Bu$h left Connecticut and relocated in Texas. Political intrigue, war profiteering and brass knuckle politics run in the Bu$h family.

George H.W. Bu$h followed in his grandfather and father’s footsteps becoming a player in the oil industry, a UN Ambassador, head of the CIA, a two term Vice President and one term president who participated in global drug running, money laundering, war and covert operations which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world., . Let’s not forget the Bu$h crime family was deeply engaged in the Savings and Loan and Enron scandals  

George H.W. Bu$h like most presidents before him led the US into war based upon lies, propaganda and disinformation. Case in point, Saddam Hussein was deliberately given false information by US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie who told Hussein President George H.W. Bu$h had no problem with Hussein going into Kuwait to stop Kuwait from using slant drilling to steal Iraqi oil. Hussein invaded Kuwait and Bu$h turned on him leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis.  I could go on and on but you get my drift.

Don’t fall for Bizarro World illogic and lies also known as the okey-doke.




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