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African American Entrepreneurs Capturing New Money in the Hair Weave Industry

New company empowers Black communities by allowing them to become resellers in the 10 billion dollar hair weave industry. 

One new company, the House of Beautiful Hair, has quickly emerged as a major player in the 10 billion dollar hair weave industry. After opening in May 2013, sales of hair extensions were being purchased at an unbelievable pace because they were made affordable to African American women who are the primary customers of 100% virgin hair extensions.

But what is continuing to send sales to the roof besides the insanely low price for the hair is, the women are not just consumers but are also building individual businesses within the company. The House of Beautiful Hair is using the network marketing business model which is turning out to be the perfect fit to move company product nationwide via an army of company independent representatives.

According to Raven L. Mahdee, an independent company representative, the company was set up on purpose to not only empower black women financially but to also be a viable money stream to help enrich black communities nationwide. “Even though the product is geared towards women,” Mahdee said, “men are also joining the company at an alarming rate.”

The company is black-owned and Mahdee believes that this is one major reason why so many black women nationwide are on board – not to mention the elegant hair products and lucrative financial gain offered by the company.

For more information, visit or contact Raven Mahdee at 661-472-9559.


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NO to WEAVES..........always..................

Diane, why No to weave?
Please educate and make the case for No Weave.

I have worn my hair naturally for 50 years.  Weaves are "UGLY"...phony and damaging:  1) the hairline is eliminated or pushed back extremely  2) most 'sistas' are using a synthetic product which rips their hair to shreds  3) the entire system of synthetics has been created to continue psychological warfare against the diaspora  4) I know beauticians that try VERY hard to persuade women to put this garbage on their head because it 'fattens' their bank accounts  ~~  minimum of $200  ~~~  RIDICULOUS!

Hair plaiting has bee a fashion among the continental African communities all over Africa since the days of Queen Sheba.  The African American women did not take the fashion until later in the 1980s.  When I landed in USA in 1962, I could not see any African woman plaiting her hair.  Then late in 1960, the Africa star hairdos came into style among the African Americans in the form of Afro haircut. Afro was not only done by our African women but also by black men in America. There was no reason why the Afro hairdo died but it only resurrected with the plaiting of hair by black women. I  was very much impressed when I returned in 1987 after 10 years of stay in West Africa from 1977 to 1987, to note that many of the African women in America have changed straightening their hair with hot rod to plaiting their har. More cudos to our women. It is eye pleasing to note the different kinds of style that the experts disply when plaiting the hair. There are the Senegalese hairdo which is very popular in America and of course the African women in America have also added their own creatiity with the hair.  One reason why I have asked Akwasi Akyeampong to help us organize SADA is to promote some of these natural business among our people here in USA. After 52 years of stay in these United States, it is clear to me that Africa is not in the minds of our people in America despite all the natural and human resources in Africa. The miseducation has taken a serious root among our people but it is natural that the best among Africans will rise up among the Diaspora Africans. I have met several African Americans doing businesses in West Africa; especially, Nigeria and Ghana and there is clear evidence that as Africa starts to exert itself among the nations of the world through AU, the Diaspora AfricanS will begin to see the need in econmic terms to sankofa our roots.

Plaits and braiding was common amongst my family in the 1950s and 1960s.  I have always worn my hair natural.  My mother would put 'heat' on it when I was a child and I had no say concerning this.  The picture on my avatar is a blow-dry.  I love the continent of Afrika/Kemet...the only reason(s) that I have not returned there has been 'bad' financing on my part & my 4 children [ they are now adults].  If I am blessed to see more years on this damned earth~~~I will be in Tanzania helping baba Pete O'Neil.


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