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 By: Takuna Maulana EL Shabazz
It is not the most productive idea to boast of splashing on the best of perfume or cologne while bathing in a cesspool. In nearly every instance, the alluring pleasant scent of the perfume or cologne will be over powered by the aggressive stench coming out of the cesspool. It is unreasonable to conclude other wise!  Another metaphor to emphasize my point might be ' You cannot enter a Jackass in a quarter horse race and be surprised and upset if it doesn't win!’
The pollution in the Black community exists in multiple forms such:  police terror and brutality, mis-education or no-education, economic exploitation and oppression, cultural genocide, historical blindness or disconnect, political disenfranchisement, social under-development and religious mis-guidance. One or combinations of these pollutants are always sighted as the causal determinacy for violence, lack of economic productivity, ineffective group response and the overall destructive acts of self-hatred that are manifested in many other forms. At least this is the standard rhetoric that spews from the mouths of most of our pretend leaders and organization heads both political and religious. Usually, after their perceived analytical deductions of the problems what commonly follows are the profound solutions of nothingness!
The above-described rhetoric is obvious to most but persistently ignored.  It is ignored because it's too challenging to call it for what it really is, the affects of White Supremacy on a socially engineered oppressed Black people!  Consequently, to pray to one of the conceptualized versions of a White Jesus, registering more Black people to vote to have the right to vote for nobody, attending vigils after a killing, marching around the neighborhood block for a month, singing beautiful spirituals and calling out for more false integration to achieve an illusion of unity are old ineffective antiquated methods in combating the oppressive forces of White Supremacy!  
So, what are viable solutions for the pollutants in the Black communities? There are no exclusive methodologies in addressing the multitudes of concerns. However, what must be common to all approaches is a commitment to ‘Nation Building based on the Knowledge of Self’ or time is being wasted. The repair and restoration of neglected exploited Black communities must embark on a complete systematic infrastructure under taking for real changes. That means the core of the social, educational, political, economic, cultural and spiritual institutions in Black communities must be owned and control by the people who will be impacted by their functions. It further means where there exist under served and ineffective institutions we must make them effective or abolish them. Where there are the non- existences of needed institutions, a laser focus should be on creating those institutions by any means necessary. This is expected and normal behavior of any civilized people.
The persistent expectation that someone else will or must do this for us is an elevated expression of slave behavior. Black people's reality will not change with superficial talk about reparation while putting more emphasis and value on our earned degrees and the multiple skill sets we acquired at white institutions or so called Black institutions that mandates the Eurocentric standard of education as a good education.

It is nothing less than mind blowing for me to have experienced a disproportionate number of skilled Black men and women with a vast array of talents, who lack the appetite for nation building for Black people. Some vehemently oppose the concept out right while simultaneously utilize their skills and talents to build and secure a nation for another people. Unfortunately, the fact that most Black people and other people of color that are poor, marginalized, disenfranchised and treated as second class citizens, seem to have very little influence on the thought processes of those Blacks who reject the concept of nation building.

On the other hand, Nation Building cultivates self-determination (kujichagulia), unity (Umoja), collective work and responsibility (Ujima), cooperative economic (Ujamaa), establishes purpose (Nia), releases our creativity (Kuumba) and secures our faith in the Creator and in one another (Imani). Under the influence of rich Black and Afrikan centered principles there is a greater propensity for Black people to seek self-governance under the guidance of the ancient Afrikan System of MAAT--Truth, Righteousness, Justice and Reciprocity!  It is for better for Black people to endure the growing pains of self-governance, with all its initial flaws, then to be satisfied with being governed by a hypocritical system of White Supremacy. 

Hypocritical systems of white supremacy thrives off the interest of racist individuals that occasionally issue out tokens of humanity when it is economically and politically expedient to secure the interest of those who subscribe to white supremacy! Some modern day slave thinking Black people will be quick to argue that all white people are not racist. Even if that is so, what is also true is that most white people directly or indirectly have been benefactors of a white supremacy system. I don’t see too many of them volunteering to give up their privileged positions to do the right thing!
The institution of education is the only profession that every other profession is predicated on. Consequently, our views of the world are directly related to the scope of education we claim or been denied.  It is often said knowledge is power!  Not necessarily so!  It is power only if the information given to produce the knowledge is truthful and relevant to reality. If the paradigms of thoughts are to change in Black communities we must make teaching our own children paramount. For the past two years I along with others have been quietly working to do just that.
Kujichagulia University Pre-K/12, An Independent Black and Afrikan Centered School is projected for completion by the start of the next school year 2017 in Lafayette LA. In addition, a Black Cultural Center and Museum with many extras will be built simultaneously adjacent to the school. The building of one school in our Black community will not solve all concerns. However, our children are the best place to start. We must commit as a people to restore the truth of self in our children so they might forge a new reality for their people in the future.  Racism is not an individual but systems that racist individuals seek to thrive.  We must build systems that reflect the best in us as a Black people to shield us from the damaging affects of institutionalize racism.
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