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Descendants of Slaves must ACT NOW, if we expect to receive REPARATIONS for this worldwide crime against Black humanity.



May 3, 2011


Given the frightening state of affairs of the US and the world and the circumstances of this economic downturn and the job market for the grassroots, nothing is improving for Black Peoples, and it is time for us to rise up and act in our own behalf.  There is no need for uprisings as exist in the Middle East.  With our Black scholars, we can meet our endeavors by other means.


There should be DEMONSTRATIONS throughout the United States and in every country that grew wealthy off the backs of Slaves.  At least FIVE DAYS A WEEK someone should posting information about a DEMONSTRATION for FREEDOM AND REPARATIONS and all it entails, and ALL BLACK RADIO STATIONS should be airing news about them.  It is now time-out for complacency.  If the seriously destitute in the Middle East can make a difference in their lives, I know that our educated Brothers and Sisters can do even better and without any loss of life if we put our hearts to it.  This is all about bettering Black folks, and if we do not speak out and get our voices heard, we will literally rot in these ghettoes!  Therefore, let us, Black men and women, make a stand to represent descendants of Slaves for the heinous Slave Trade that destroyed the lives of our forebears.


After all that has been done to us:  the enslavement, the cruelty, the maiming, dehumanization, and the breeding our forefathers endured it is our HUMAN RIGHT to ensure justice rendered at the hands of the US government that promoted and perpetuated the Slave Trade and the impoverishment, misery, distress, and bigotry that ensued unto this day. 


The United States and other European governments must be made accountable for stealing human beings out of Africa and making Slaves of them for 400 years and for the deaths of one hundred million Blacks during this period without any iota of compassion.  We must not let people forget that Whites became wealthy and were enabled to establish powerful nations off the backs of Slaves for generation after generation while Slaves regressed into uneducated and wretched chattel living in squalor.  It is unconscionable that this has happened to us, and even more unconscionable that Blacks sit back and do nothing about it. 


For the US government to NOT be culpable for their crimes against Slaves out of Africa and to their descendants who are only here because of their hand in this lucrative Slave enterprise is unfathomable.  After all these years, the White man’s position on the Slave Trade is yet the epitome of White supremacy, discrimination, and injustice against Blacks in the United States and in all places that forcibly migrated Slaves to their countries.


Therefore, it is time for descendants of Slaves to PEACEABLY DEMONSTRATE against the US government for its involvement in the Slave Trade that took FREEDOM from our forebears, that ethnically cleansed them, that denied them self-determination and a right to the institution of marriage, and a right to be with their children and even spouses who were sold away to other Slavers.  This insane American and European enslavement has proven to be the worst in the annals of history.  And still worse, resulting from this Slave Trade in the United States, as well as Britain, the Netherlands, etc., Blacks are stigmatized and unfairly treated because of it.


Many Black groups have tried relentlessly to secure meetings with US Presidents:  Clinton, Bush, and now President Obama, America’s “First Black President” who we all just knew would be sensitive to our human rights and do what is fair and just in our behalf.  Our requests for meetings at the United Nations have also been ignored.  We have sent requests to Secretary Generals Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon, as well as to every UN Human Rights Commissioner since Ms. Mary Robinson, to the US Justice Department, and to countless Congressmen and Senators for two decades, but to no avail - so much for belief in finding a <voice> at the UN and in the US Government that touts “Justice for All”.   What good is it when the ruling powers are hell-bent on keeping Blacks repressed and under their control?  When a group of White Jews (AIPAC) can control the US Congress and Foundations and Banks and our tax dollars to the tune of billions that go into Israeli hands every single year, we all know who is running this country and all for the betterment of whom. 


Since the end of the Slave Trade Blacks have suffered under Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws, lynching, racial profiling, police brutality, double standards, prejudice, exclusion from the equal distribution of wealth, and savage injustices.  And to further prove my point, consider the December 18, 2009 UN RESOLUTION that states 2011 is the International Year for People of African Descent.  But we have not heard one word concerning any UN ambitions to better the lifestyles and standards of Blacks.  And by the way, letters concerning this matter have also gone to the UN requesting that this RESOLUTION include Black representation, since this is a matter that concerns Blacks.  If this issue involved White Jews, their concerns would have been met and with them chairing the meetings.  And they would have had their concerns addressed and fulfilled by now.


Black People do not have a voice, and the White man is quite satisfied with this status quo.  We are the ones suffering from our silence and impassivity.   Not speaking out has gotten us nowhere except worsening despair, sufferings and afflictions in this country.  This is not fair to our children and to us and is a matter we must not allow to continue.   


It is time for us to stand up for ourselves just as other maltreated and neglected peoples all over the world are doing.  Their DEMONSTRATIONS are PEACEFUL, and they are getting action from their rallies.  Tyrannical presidents of countries are being brought down and at all costs.  We must take cues from their successes, if we are ever to get the respect we and our children and grandchildren so deserve.  Our hope is not to topple leaders and governments, but rather to obtain a voice and witness action and results for our requests, our needs, and our concerns, at hand and in particular is restitution for the Slave Trade – the issue that we cannot any longer allow to be ignored.  Just as other groups are respected as human beings and treated equitably, so also do we want this respect and compassion, especially for our progeny.


Sadly, not even our so-called representatives in Congress are of any help to us.  Let’s end this insanity and complacency that is watching our lives literally pass by without any recourse.  It is time for Blacks to take charge and stand up with some of this audacity to hope for change in order that we rise above this chaotic society riddled with double standards and discrimination that keeps Black peoples the “tail and not the head” (Deut. 28:44). 


In this fight for JUSTICE SERVED for the Slave Trade, all Blacks must be represented, regardless of amends required, even those who seek to leave out of this captivity! 


THE EXODUS TWO MOVEMENT is seeking the following:



out of these United States


in friendly countries


for land/farmland, housing, K-12 schools and university

for our children and funding for small businesses for our livelihoods


We also want an International Foundation established for all descendants of Slaves who live in lands that grew wealthy off this heinous Slave Trade, in order that the above objectives may be fulfilled and all be given an opportunity to pursue happiness outside of the lands of our captivity, if it is the desire to leave out of this oppression. 


Our tax dollars serve others to the tune of billions of dollars every single year, especially Israelis.  So, why can’t Blacks be given representation, funds and a voice for our cause, since it is our tax money?


Presently, THE EXODUS TWO MOVEMENT has secured permits for two DEMONSTRATION RALLIES:


June 15, 2011 from 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. in New York City in Dag
Hammarskjold Plaza in front of The United Nations Offices located at
48th Street and 1st Avenue.


June 20, 2011 from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in Washington, D.C. before the Capitol Building Steps.  The Capitol Building is located at 1 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington D.C.


No matter your platform, so long as it is for BLACK INTERESTS and to meet BLACK NEEDS, it is our hope that Black groups all over the United States will schedule DEMONSTRATIONS throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall this year and next and until the United Nations, the US Congress, the Justice Department, and the White House recognize our petitions and letters that we are not going away, but we are standing strong until the matter of the Slave Trade and our EXODUS out of this captivity (if so desired) is addressed.   




If you are interested in purchasing a BUTTON or BUTTONS to sell to help cover our costs for the DEMONSTRATION RALLIES, as some of us are doing, please contact me.  The buttons are $2.00 each.








While our objectives may differ from others, it is of extreme import that there will be DEMONSTRATION RALLIES in every major city in America, as this is what we have to do if we want our voices heard.  We have conducted ourselves with diplomacy and have followed the proper protocol, but still we have not received the respect we so deserve. 


Our voices must stop falling to the ground.  It is now time for our voices and words to be heard on television, seen in the newspapers, and acknowledged by the United States government that brought our forebears to these shores.  Now, let’s see how productive we can be with using DEMONSTRATIONS and letters, for indeed, they will continue until there is a fair resolution to this crime again Black humanity.


A Bill must be introduced AND PASSED that will finally address the Slave Trade and pay REPARATIONS for the wealth that Blacks never received.  There is plenty of time for each city to make arrangements for these rallies.  Given the Internet and all the scores of African American groups online, we can make this an even bigger event than was the Million Man March, which only took place in D.C.  We want DEMONSTRATIONS all over the United States, and then we will shoot for the United Kingdom!


We can make this happen…all we need do is become active and watch the results!  This is our opportunity for BLACK FOLKS to be our own VOICE, and it is incumbent upon us to make it happen.




MORE information is forthcoming.




Yehudah ben Yaacov - MilzAhead@AOL.COM

Ham ben Yisrael -

Tziona Yisrael - Afraqueen@AOL.COM



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It would be highly appreciated if Afrika was there as one voice to back us up. It is pointless to arrive at an agreement if 2 groups are not speaking the same language, they will not understand each other. Power is the language of the oppressor and only One Afrika can produce this power. How can this message be driven home or forced upon Afrika's present ladership?




Thank you for your response. 


My feelings are that we must first arrive at getting governments of those who enslaved Blacks out of Africa to sit at the table WITH descendants of Slaves and address the true victims of ethnic cleansing, this CRIME AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY that lasted for hundreds of years, and REPARATIONS, whether Africa is represented or not.  Involving Africa is not the first priority.


Africa was not working on the Plantations and in the fields of Slavers from sunup to sundown and oftentimes until Midnight.  Also, there is much instability in Africa that can preclude equitable resolutions for Blacks in the Diaspora seeking to leave out of the lands of our captors.  When I see different groups in Africa warring against another, maiming helpless babies, children, men, and women and the hunger in Ethiopia and in other places, it is heartbreaking.  We cannot please all the people here in the United States, much less those in Africa, also.  First and foremost, it is time now that descendants of Slaves be represented and be given a voice, and the reason is that we have nothing in these United States that can compare to what Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast control.  We are truly a people without a land and a heritage!    


I would like to see Africa rise up and compete with the economic powers of the world, but more importantly, I would like to see Africa end the mayhem and the corruption in government and feed its peoples and use its land and resources to rise above so-called Third World status labeled by the powers-that-be upon the Black Peoples of this continent.  The senseless fighting, murder, and destruction taking place in Africa is outrageous.  And until Black Africa resolves its own problems, it cannot be a viable voice for anyone. 


The message on The Black Awakening was not posted for debate.  We want a voice, and we want restitution for the cruel and inhumane Slave Trade that made White America rich while Blacks suffered a most cruel and heinous bondage and captivity unto this day. 


The Black Awakening is about Blacks standing together for FREEDOM, RESETTLEMENT, and REPARATIONS.  The last thing we should be doing now is debating issues that fall outside the sphere of the Slave Trade, bondage of our forebears, and their free labor perpetuated by White governments made wealthy unto this day. 


Let every urban city stand up and call for JUSTICE for THE SLAVE TRADE!  THIS IS THE PRIORITY, and this is what we have to do if we want to be heard and if we ever expect to get any results! 


AGAIN…we are making plans, and it behooves all descendants of Slaves to do same in their cities.  There are several countries in the Middle East, Egypt for one, whose people have even less than the poorest US Blacks, and they stood up for their children’s sake and said “ENOUGH AWREADY”, and they now have a voice and representation!   At some point in the midst of all this economic decline, we will have no alternative but to do the same, so it may as well be now.




Tziona Yisrael


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